RTWIP is now free!

I've been thinking of making RTWIP freeware and I've decided that it's the right thing to do. 

I do really hope that you enjoy the game and thanks to  everyone who either bought it or donated, you are really awesome.

And although my gamedev journey has ended about two years ago, I'm hoping that my new passion for music will be just as enjoyable for you as it is for me!

Thanks for the support and enjoy the day! 

If you haven't heard my music, here's a link to my YouTube channel if you want :) 


Almost all the songs that are uploaded there are published for free use, you can see the exact license on the itch.io music page. 

Right now, super awesome people sometimes want comissions done for specific projects which allows me to both offer the free songs and get a bit of cash to invest into new and better gear, if you like what you hear and you're currently searching for some music for a project of yours, I'd be delighted to help you out and really grateful that you trust me and that you're supporting my hobby. 

This of course isn't nessesary at all, but I'd be very happy, if you like the music and would wanna use some pre-existing music, please, feel free to use them as per licensed (There's no fees and nothing, you'll need to attribute me tho). 

If you read this far and wanna get on touch, you can contact me through my contact form on my webiste or at this email:

admin(at)spaghettilord1010(do t)com


Thanks for staying with me ♥️

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