A downloadable Zither-DWP-and-VST for Windows

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A high-quality Direct Wave instrument bank of the Austrian folk instrument, the Zither.

The Zither is an instrument I've been playing for a while but now I finally came around to sample it, I feel joy only thinking that from now on everyone can get this instrument (at least digitally) for a good price. As far as I know, there are very few Zither instruments that are digitally available so this is hopefully exactly what you were searching!

Free version:

  • is hosted via 8digiARTS Multi-Sampler which is absolutely awesome.
  • is a native VST and can load into and DAW that supports VSTs with ease.
  • has a range from C3 to C7 in DAW
  • includes only 1 velocity of notes.
  • is very lightweight.
  • is pretty awesome but the full version grants more sounds.

Paid Version:

  • Full Range of a Harpzither (Harfenzither) G1b to C6.
  • 3 different recordings for velocities on each note.
  • Adjustable parameters in Direct Wave.
  • High quality sounds and the stems for other use cases.
  • NO nasty license-activation.
  • Additionally provided as a UVI Falcon Soundbank!

Make sure that you either have the free Direct Wave Player installed or the full version Direct Wave from Image-Line in order to being able to play this instrument!

The UVI Falcon version will only work with UVI Falcon version 2 upwards!

Resale of this product or the samples it consists of is prohibited, this instrument can be used in commercial songs without attribution and is 100% royalty free.


Buy Now25.00€ EUR or more

In order to download this Zither-DWP-and-VST you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of 25.00€ EUR. You will get access to the following files:

ZIther by SpaghettiLord1010.dwb 467 MB
Zither Full Samples (including extra sounds).zip 732 MB
ZitherNamedSamples.zip 113 MB
ZitherForFalcon.zip 105 MB

Download demo

Zither VST.zip 46 MB

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