2021 Music Collection

2021 Music Collection

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Included files

mcp2-2021_complete_collection.zip (3 GB)
Onomo.wav (42 MB)
Walking On The Mars.wav (33 MB)
Walking On The Mars-loopable.wav (33 MB)
It's A Trap.wav (45 MB)
It's A Trap-bassless.wav (45 MB)
It's A Trap-loopable-bassless.wav (34 MB)
Funny Yummy Gummies.wav (27 MB)
Electroshock.wav (31 MB)
Hm.wav (22 MB)
Sakuras Touch.wav (39 MB)
Washbecker.wav (45 MB)
Hidden Treasures.wav (65 MB)
Temple of the Pokoto.wav (70 MB)
I'm done Cringe Version Complete.wav (74 MB)
I'M DONE.wav (55 MB)
Driftin' In Space OST [incl. Bonus Mini-Tracks].rar (87 MB)
Elizabeth.wav (79 MB)
Raymond.wav (91 MB)
Giorgio.wav (46 MB)
The Trash Cell.wav (34 MB)
Soemolitofok.wav (38 MB)
Heaven_Tomorrow.flac (20 MB)
Man With Two Ears.wav (61 MB)
Space Pudding.wav (47 MB)
Hillside Lounge.wav (73 MB)
Sahara Nightmares (remix of microlags Dream In The Desert).wav (78 MB)
ICD-Remix-by-microlag.ogg (4 MB)
no jungle.wav (65 MB)
Tiny Barks.wav (44 MB)
World Music Day.wav (46 MB)
Watching Popcorn Grow.wav (58 MB)
Solance.wav (34 MB)
Ancient Ritual.wav (84 MB)
A Point Of No Return.wav (52 MB)
Dread.wav (30 MB)
Exctinction.wav (53 MB)
Not Perfect.wav (36 MB)
Marimba.wav (52 MB)
Ikarus and Daedalus.wav (67 MB)
Burning Titanium.wav (45 MB)
Coming in Peace with Beats.wav (46 MB)
Unfinished Business.wav (59 MB)
Mashed Potatoes.wav (28 MB)
Panga Panda.wav (42 MB)

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