A downloadable Soundtrack of 2021

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The second year of the soundtrack!

Same conditions apply as for the first pack! - see down under to find the license for the songs.


You may NOT use the over one hour long track for any use other than personal enjoyment! Tracks that are not included here are NOT free to use.

This is a collection of music I made and put up on YouTube for you to listen to, when you download the pack you are free to use the music in any way you like, but don't forget to credit me, like this for example:

Music by SpaghettiLord1010 from Itch.io

All these songs are under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license, you can find the full text here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

You need to credit me as SpaghettiLord1010 and link to this page.

The Song "Heaven Tomorrow" is a collab with fellow musician microlag - if you use that song you need to credit him with the same conditions as me!

You can listen to the songs on YouTube so you know which one to download!


Composing is my hobby, I'm getting better every day, learning new things, tricks and whatnot, I will continue to make music as long as I got the time to do so, thank you for coming here and have a great time with my music!

If you use my songs in your videos and you like them, consider donating, a donation is highly appreciated, don't feel obligated to donate but simply showing my music off to your friends is a very kind gesture too.


The Song Sahara Nightmare is an offiial remix of the song Dream in the Desert by microlag! https://soundcloud.com/microlag/dream-in-the-desert

ICD-Remix-by-microlag is an official remix of my song Ice Cream Dance! Thanks to microlag for this awesome remix! https://soundcloud.com/microlag/dream-in-the-desert-spaghettilord1010-remix

Das 2021-Mixtape mit über einer Stunde ist nur für persönliche Zwecke zu verwenden. Alle Tracks die nicht hier aufgelistet sind, dürfen NICHT verwendet werden.

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mcp2-2021_complete_collection.zip 3.3 GB
Version 1
Onomo.wav 42 MB
Walking On The Mars.wav 33 MB
Walking On The Mars-loopable.wav 33 MB
It's A Trap.wav 45 MB
It's A Trap-bassless.wav 45 MB
It's A Trap-loopable-bassless.wav 34 MB
Funny Yummy Gummies.wav 27 MB
Electroshock.wav 31 MB
Hm.wav 22 MB
Sakuras Touch.wav 39 MB
Washbecker.wav 45 MB
Hidden Treasures.wav 65 MB
Temple of the Pokoto.wav 70 MB
I'm done Cringe Version Complete.wav 74 MB
I'M DONE.wav 55 MB
Driftin' In Space OST [incl. Bonus Mini-Tracks].rar 87 MB
Elizabeth.wav 79 MB
Raymond.wav 91 MB
Giorgio.wav 46 MB
The Trash Cell.wav 34 MB
Soemolitofok.wav 38 MB
Heaven_Tomorrow.flac 20 MB
Man With Two Ears.wav 61 MB
Space Pudding.wav 47 MB
Hillside Lounge.wav 73 MB
Sahara Nightmares (remix of microlags Dream In The Desert).wav 78 MB
ICD-Remix-by-microlag.ogg 4.5 MB
no jungle.wav 65 MB
Tiny Barks.wav 44 MB
World Music Day.wav 46 MB
Watching Popcorn Grow.wav 58 MB
Solance.wav 34 MB
Ancient Ritual.wav 84 MB
A Point Of No Return.wav 52 MB
Dread.wav 30 MB
Exctinction.wav 53 MB
Not Perfect.wav 36 MB
Marimba.wav 52 MB
Ikarus and Daedalus.wav 67 MB
Burning Titanium.wav 45 MB
Coming in Peace with Beats.wav 46 MB
Unfinished Business.wav 59 MB
Mashed Potatoes.wav 28 MB
Panga Panda.wav 42 MB


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Hey! Cool tracks! Can I use them for my new game (it will be free)?

(1 edit)

Hey! Absolutely! Be sure to credit me and the page and you're fine, you can even sell the game, no worries, see the license in the description for more details!

When you finish the game be sure to post it here! I'm hyped to see it! 

If you need some different tracks feel free to suggest a style :D Be sure to look through my other music pack as well: https://spaghettilord1010.itch.io/mcp1