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This is a collection of music I made and put up on YouTube for you to listen to, when you download the pack you are free to use the music in any way you like, but don't forget to credit me, like this for example:

Music by SpaghettiLord1010 from Itch.io

All these songs are under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license, you can find the full text here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

You need to credit me as SpaghettiLord1010 and link to this page.

You can listen to the songs on YouTube so you know which one to download!


I have two other packs out right now!



Composing is my hobby, I'm getting better every day, learning new things, tricks and whatnot, I will continue to make music as long as I got the time to do so, thank you for coming here and have a great time with my music!

If you use my songs in your videos and you like them, consider donating, a donation is highly appreciated, don't feel obligated to donate but simply showing my music off to your friends is a very kind gesture too.


Special Thanks to SimonsterGG on Twitch for the Scream for the Dubstep song xD

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mcp1-completecollection.zip 1.8 GB
Version 7
Aquarinonu - Discover.flac 16 MB
Aquarinonu.mp3 4.3 MB
Mission Insane.flac 18 MB
Waterfalls.mp3 6.2 MB
A Different World.flac 38 MB
After the Storm.wav 42 MB
Glittering Stars on the Night-Sky.flac 52 MB
Shady Woods 4K Video.wav 72 MB
The Future is Unknown.wav 48 MB
The Walking Duck.wav 69 MB
U Can Can Do It.flac 32 MB
You Never Forget Good Times.wav 71 MB
The Return.flac 33 MB
So It Begins.wav 61 MB
A Knife in the Back.wav 110 MB
Tornado in the Sahara (Alle Meine Entchen-Dubstep).wav 21 MB
Tornado in the Sahara_2 aka the better one.wav 36 MB
Tornado in the Sahara_3.wav 35 MB
The Return Of Peace.wav 57 MB
Beauty Has a Name.wav 53 MB
Meet Your Destiny.wav 24 MB
Pick It Up.wav 56 MB
Quantitalität.wav 73 MB
Dark Matter.wav 32 MB
Back on the Feet.wav 15 MB
A Place of No Return.wav 56 MB
Buying Time.wav 66 MB
Evolving Forces loopable.wav 27 MB
Pho Magic.wav 79 MB
A Sad Story of A Broken World.wav 39 MB
Jumping in the Sun.wav 59 MB
Midnight.wav 128 MB
Wild Waters in the Woods.wav 72 MB
Apocalypse.wav 57 MB
Apocalypse-Ambience-Only.wav 56 MB
Tell me The Tales - Zither-Performance.wav 8.5 MB
Tales from an Old Machine.wav 66 MB
SimonsterGG Scream-Dubstep 34 MB
Okazaki in Space.wav 35 MB
Fog Under The Second Street Light.wav 49 MB
On the Rave Wave.wav 29 MB
A Whale Adventure.wav 22 MB
A Whale Adventure-loopable.wav 20 MB

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