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Added a new Banger!
I was just playing around and I noticed that my Song PingPong magically transformed into a caveman song of sorts. Things go weird sometimes, but that is life!...
1 file
Get ready for some remix action!
After playing around quite a bit in FL STUDIO 20, I had finally created something really, really good! You should download this song... If you like Beethoven...
1 file
New crazy Sounds
These two "songs" are really spooky and very unsettling. I wouldn't have thought, that this would be possible...
2 files
New Songs(?)
These two "Songs" are made to kill somebody's patience and just for fun...
2 files
Added a new demo-version of an upcoming song!
Be happy! The full version is coming soon!!! Have a nice day! :D...
1 file
SpaghettiLord1010 has finally a theme song ;)
Enjoy the new music!...
1 file
The grapes are finally raining!
I've added my most recent music track, it's pretty nice :) Have a great time buddies!...
1 file
New Sounds Added!
After some time I present some BRAND NEW "awsome" soundtracks! Enjoy!...
5 files

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