A downloadable Warning Reaction

XBOX-Controller is required!

This is a small demo of an potentially interesting game, when your controller vibrates, you have a short time to react to it and press the a-button to jump so the spikes don't hit you.

There are 3 power-ups at the moment:

  1. The magic-potion which restores your magic (Bars at the top right)
  2. The Heart which restores one life.
  3. The Lightning which increases your speed.

I added in toggling blocks that either are active or inactive if all red blocks turned green (by touching them), or if a temporary switch is active.

  • Press the back button to restart the level
  • Press a to jump
  • Press R to defy gravity in the air (uses magic!)

That should sum it up, it ain't much, but it simply is a test, on how it works and if it works and if you guys like the concept, if you like the game, please consider supporting me by trying out my other games.

I thought it was a really cool idea and if I put in more and more objects and make a bunch of stages, maybe a level select or something it could be really fun, please tell me what things I could add in as well.

Have a nice day!


Warning Signs.exe 4 MB

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